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Enviropanel UK Structural Insulated Panels- SIPs are Eco Friendly
Design Advantages

Building with Enviropanel SIPs has many advantages for you, your architect and your builder:

Design Flexibility
SIPs create new possibilities of design without the constraints of conventional building materials.

Additional Floor Area
SIPs create additional warm living space in the roof by eliminating conventional trusses. This can provide an additional 25% of floor space at no additional cost and makes use of all of the potential space in the building.

Thermal Performance
SIPs can offer offer a thinner wall thickness than a conventional wall, but still offer improved insulation values, gaining greater internal space for the same size overall footprint. Unbeatable insulation value means energy costs can be reduced by up to 60% over conventional construction.

Structural Advantages
Structural superiority has been proven by independent testing. Point loads can be dispersed through the monolithic structure.

Construction Benefits
Enviropanel SIPs are better for your builder. Pre-cut and fabricated panels reduce installation time by 60%. The building process requires less skilled labour and less supervision. Specialized tools are not required and fixed pricing allows budgets to remain accurate.

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Enviropanel SIPs offer design flexibility
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